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Practical Deployment Techniques for Small Labs

Posted 2012 April 26

Thanks for attending my presentation, either in Calgary on April 26 or at the Penn State MacAdmins Conference on May 2, or watching the video of the latter presentation online.** Here is the Handbook for the session, updated on May 7, provided in three formats:

I'm not providing the slides because all the salient content from the slides is in the Handbook. If you downloaded the original version of the Handbook, the new version includes more information from the slides on User Management and includes the PSU MacAdmins link shown on the slides.

For those who attended my session in Calgary, you'll want the Handbook rather than the slides; it's a significant improvement. If you still want the slides you saw in Calgary, contact me via phone or e-mail.

** If you haven't watched the video of the presentation, it is available through iTunes U or YouTube.


If you are running OS X Mountain Lion and wish to use InstaDMG, you'll need to install the latest version of Command Line Tools for Xcode, available from the Downloads for Apple Developers page (requires a free Apple Developer account/AppleID).

There are a few small errors in the Handbook, most of which are easy to figure out. If there is demand, I'll make an updated version.

Spoiler Alert: I have now progressed to a full "2.0" workflow. If I can get there, slowly but surely, so can you! You may want to check out the slides from my MacIT Conference presentation in Feb. 2013 to get a sense of all the deployment methods out there right now.

Originally posted on the University of Calgary Integrated Arts Media Labs web site.