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Which Deployment Method is Right for Us?

Posted 2013 January 25

Here are the the slides used (plus some bonus summary slides) for my "Which Deployment Method is Right for Us?" presentation at the MacIT 2013 Conference (Session IT871) on February 2. There are minor appearance variations from what was presented because of reformatting caused by transferring from the Mac version of Keynote (which generated the PDF) to the iPad version (which I used when presenting). Content differences are minor (noted below).

A special shout out to Josh Wisenbaker and Joel Rennich (contributing to AFP548.com at the time), whose session at the 2008 Macworld Expo and Conference got me started on the path of modular deployment techniques. Many thanks.

Those in attendance heard Rich Trouton mention from the audience how he used virtual test machines. He wrote a detailed article on this on his resource site, Der Flounder: https://derflounder.wordpress.com/2013/01/23/building-mac-test-environments-with-vmware-fusion-netboot-and-deploystudio/

The resources for the subsequent Mike Boylan and Nick McSpadden session (which delved into many of the tools I mentioned) is available from Mike's resource site: http://work.mikeboylan.com/macit-881-resources

Note: The download available from this site and MacIT are identical. The Tools Summary slides were not shown but are included for your reference. The only slide added was the addition of links to the MacIT evaluations and presentations pages (which will go away 30 days after the conference anyway). I made a minor clarification to the page describing resources to consider by noting "skill level" should also consider Mac expertise, not just technical expertise. With so few changes, I've decided not to upload an updated version of the slides.

Originally posted on the University of Calgary Integrated Arts Media Labs web site.