Anthony’s Mac Labs Blog

An Excursion Into Blogging

Posted 2017 February 12

To this point, when I've wanted to write articles of interest to the Mac Admins community, I've either posted them on a public platform like AFP 548 or to a section of the web site I maintain at work. Since most of the public platforms are more ephemeral than I'd like and a recent work secondment made me realize that counting on my employer for a consistent place to post was not secure either, I decided it was time to join with many of my Mac Admin colleagues and start my own personal blog.

The good news was that I already had my own domain name and had plenty of experience with HTML and CSS, so I figured this shouldn't be too hard. The next step was to pick my blogging platform. I settled on letting GitHub Pages host my site, even though I had plenty of web space of my own. There were two related reasons:

  1. I wanted to document the process for other Mac Admins, sharing my findings at an upcoming conference or two; and
  2. I wanted to start with a platform that others without the resources I had (e.g., they needed "free") could use.

Using GitHub's built-in platform, based on Jekyll, seemed like a great choice.

So this is my first post along that journey. I hope to share some useful content soon.

— Anthony Reimer