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Posted 2020 January 01

Before I had this blog, I posted the resources for my conference presentations (e.g., slide decks) on a web site that I personally maintained at work. On occasion, I needed a little more space, so I created separate pages on the site and linked back to them, including a few articles that were blog posts without the blog. Because I had established that reference page over a number of years, I continued to maintain it even after it was clear my blog was going to be my primary Mac admin publishing outlet.

In 2019, my employer decided to do a restructuring of our web sites such that sites that were internally-focussed (like the one for my computer labs) would be removed from the main web site structure. At one point, it looked like there would be nothing put back in its place, so I started thinking about migrating that content over to my personal site. As it turned out, my Labs now have an employer-hosted WordPress site that I could use for my Mac admin content, but since I was going to have to redo the pages anyway, it seemed like the right time to move that content to this web site.

So here’s what I’ve done:

So now you can find all my published contributions to the Mac admins community in one place. Happy New Year!