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📦 EveryWorld AutoPkg Workshop

Posted 2020 November 26

EveryWorld 2020

Linked below are the slides for the “Writing AutoPkg Recipes” workshop at this year’s EveryWorld Conference, run by AUC in Australia. It was a pleasure working with them on this. They adeptly navigated the time zones such that the workshops was scheduled for Friday morning (27th November) for them and Thursday afternoon (November 26) for me.

This workshop was based on content developed by Elliot Jordan and myself for a day-long AutoPkg workshop we hope to lead in the future. Thanks to Elliot for graciously letting me present this content. Special thanks also go to the London Apple Admins group, which organised what in Theatre you would call a Preview or, if you adopt Apple’s recent nomenclature, a Release Candidate. This made everything go smoother.