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Modular Image Creation presentation

Posted 2014 July 04

2014 Mac Admins Conference at Penn State

As with all regular sessions at the Mac Admins conference (where permission is granted), my session on July 9 was recorded and is now posted to YouTube. I've also posted the slide deck:

Update (2014-07-22): AutoDMG has 10.9.4 updates integrated into the latest version of UpdateProfiles.plist, so no need for Ryan Manly's fork anymore. Just check for updates (if you don't have AutoDMG set to do it automatically on app startup) and it will be downloaded.

Update 2 (2014-07-25): Anthony has posted his AutoDMG templates on GitHub.

If you want to view slides and/or videos of other sessions from the same conference, go to the Mac Admins Conference Resources page.

Originally posted on the University of Calgary Integrated Arts Media Labs web site.